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Charity Status

The Leicester Bach Choir is a registered charity, number: 501890

We have a stated aim to educate the public about Choral Music.


Gift Aid

The Choir is a Registered Charity under UK law, which allows it to reclaim the tax you have already paid on your membership and any other donation under the Gift Aid Scheme.You can help the Choir increase its funds by signing the Gift Aid Declaration on the membership form, but only if you are a UK tax payer.

How it works

Full membership of the Choir is £160 per year. If you pay tax on any income be it salary, investments, pension or other income the Choir can claim back from Revenue & Customs an additional £40.00 at no cost to you.
Subscriptions and donations to Charities are tax exempt, we can therefore claim back the income tax you have already paid to Revenue & Customs on the amount you pay the Choir.
Each year we send a list of names and addresses and the amounts paid by members to Revenue & Customs. Once processed by Revenue & Customs we are sent a cheque for what we have claimed.
This money is then used to further the aims of the Charity.

You can download a letter about Gift Aid from our Treasurer and a copy of the form which should be returned to the treasurer.


If you wish to pay your subscription by Standing Order, you can download a form here


We have 5 officers who are responsible for running the choir:

Charles Paterson
Nicki Little
Charles Paterson
Nicki Little

Gail Hobbs

Jane Hoskyns
Concert Manager


Management Committee

We have a management committee comprised of the Officers and Trustees. In addition to the officers listed above the trustees are Ian Bloor (publicity officer and tenor rep), Polly Bootle, Angela Zemlak (Soparano Rep), Pam Laurenti (alto rep ), Judith Dorward and Alison Deacon.

The committee meets on a regular basis and holds an Annual General Meeting in September each year.
Any member who would like an issue raised at a committee meeting should contact the Secretary in writing one week before the meeting. The Director of music is an ex officio member. The choir also has a distinguished President, Joanne Lunn, who comes from Leicester and has been a significant supporter of LBC.

Date of next management committee meeting:

Wednesday 12th April 2017


© LBC 2016 Registered Charity No 501890