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From time to time but according to no particular calendar, the LBC do something different. Such flourishes on the edge of our activity are captured in this section.

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February 2019
CHEF & SPICE RESTAURANT - 1 Andrewes Street (Off Hinckley Road) LEICESTER LE3 5PG

Details to follow

On Saturday 2nd March 2019Workshop with Christine Cairn.
Details to follow

In June 2017 members of the choir visited the Belgian Ardennes, where we enjoyed hot weather, sightseeing and performing two concerts.

We stayed in La Roche-en-Ardenne and visited Durbuy, which claims to be the smallest city in the world, and Dinant.

Our first concert was at Église Saint-Nicolas in La Roche-en-Ardenne. The audience was treated to a programme of English music. The acoustic was ideal for unaccompanied singing.

Next day we visited Dinant, the birth place of Adolphe Sax, inventor of the Saxophone. A tour of the Citadel, reached by cable car or a flight of 408 steps up the rockface, was followed by a concert in the Dinant Collégiale. A much larger church with a magnificent organ was the background for another exciting concert, where the audience was introduced to English Cathedral music. Visitors to the church also listened while we were rehearsing. A memory for many of us was the awestruck expression on the faces of two young girls as we sang Parry's I was Glad, and Handel's Zadok the Priest. A moment they will remember.

The choir owes thanks to Richard Laing and Ivan Linford for coming with us, and making the tour such a success.

You can see more pictures of our trip in
Piers Smith-Cresswell's album here,
or in Sue Hutton's Album here.

La Roche-en-Ardennes

Église Saint-Nicolas, La Roche-en-Ardenne ©Piers Smith-Cresswell 2017

Dinant Collégiale

Dinant Collégiale ©Piers Smith-Cresswell 2017

Dinant Collégiale

Dinant Collégiale ©Piers Smith-Cresswell 2017


Dubuy ©Piers Smith-Cresswell 2017

Past Events

March 28th 2018 90th Anniversary Meal

October 30th 2017 Fundraiser Dinner at Chef & Spice

April 11th 2016 Fundraiser Dinner at Chef & Spice

December 13th, December 20th 2014. Carol Singing at John Lewis, Leicester

November 1st 2014 Sale at Houghton.

Raising money for Leicester Bach Choir - Craft Fayre Raising money for Leicester Bach Choir - Craft Fayre

Raising money for Leicester Bach Choir - Craft Fayre Raising money for Leicester Bach Choir - Craft Fayre

Raising money for Leicester Bach Choir - Craft Fayre

June 29th 2012 we held An Evening of Music for a Desert Island with Joanne Lunn.

Having chosen her discs, Joanne was interviewed by Owen Bentley.

We enjoyed hearing about Joanne's musical journey from Choir Girl of the Year to the present day.
Joanne Lunn - an evening ofmusic for a desert island.

March 5th 2011 we held another choir workshop with Christine Cairns which provided an excellent opportunity to polish our performance of the St Matthew Passion.

November 2010 we accompanied Ben Hoffnung and David Blackadder in two performances of their Life and Times of G.F.Handel, starring Harry Enfield as Handel: one in Leicester and the second in the Birmingham Town Hall.

In March 2010 we held a vocal workshop for choir members with Christine Cairns, one of Birmingham Conservatoire’s excellent voice trainers and an exciting soloist herself. This was a great opportunity to find out what a difference it makes to explore something we rarely think about - the position our tongues take up - and find out how that changes the quality of the sound we make.

In April 2009 a choir from Germany visited us, the Schonhausen-Chor.
See details and pictures of the Schonhausen-Chor in Leicester.
This cultural exchange was initiated by our German-speaking secretary, Nicki Little, and supported by Leicester City Council because the choir are associated with our twin town, Krefeld. We look forward to further contact with this group.

In September 2008 Richard Laing held out a new opportunity to LBC members. This was the chance to join the chorus of a semi-professional production of Handel’s Semele, which was being produced by his company Operamus from an intensive 3 days of rehearsal at the Birmingham Conservatoire. Four hardy souls took up the challenge without, despite Richard’s clear outline of the requirements and event, really knowing what they were letting themselves in for: when you have no idea what is entailed it is hard to understand what is being described.  A year later those who took part recall Semele as one of the high points of 2008. Intense engagement with a fine work means that they can recognise it within two bars; it was enormously enjoyable to find out how an opera works from the inside, and to be welcomed into the company by generous young singers and brilliant voice coaches.

In June 2008 Owen Bentley organised a choir trip to Bach’s birthplace, Eisenach. We visited the Thomaskirche from where Bach dominated Leipzig’s musical landscape; sang a service in the church which lies at the centre of his birthplace; and enjoyed the fellowship that flows from being together for longer than a 2-hour rehearsal.



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